Plastic injections molds-UliteMech Quality comes from focus

UliteMech injection focuses on high-quality plastic injection molds

We consist to offer high quality service in Rapid Prototyping,CNC Machining,Stamping and Moulding. Our goal is to be the leader of Prototype&Mould field. The great support and reliablilty from customers give us biggest power sources.

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Plastic injection moulds T&M/Touch your dream

Established in year 1998,UliteMech specilized in Prototype,CNC Machining and Mould Service for home market and overseas market,including CNC ST Rapid Prototype,3D SLA/SLS Printing,Slicone mold Vavuum casting,Sheet metal Stamping ,Bending,Reaction injection molding and Injection molding.Besides P&M manufacturing,we own strong design team.Give your design requirement,let’s make it reality.

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Injection molding service

Shenzhen UliteMech company focuses on the production of precision gears, precision parts and other plastic products, covering the fields of automotive, office automation equipment, mold development, injection molding processing, precision mold processing, injection mold factory

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Plastic injection manufacturers 

UliteMech Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in plastic mold development and product injection molding, focusing on injection molding processing, UliteMech injection mold manufacturers, professional technology, experienced, excellent quality, welcome to inquire!

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Choice is greater than effort Choosing an UliteMech injection molding serviceis half the battle!

Focus on plastic injection; plastic product processing; plastic injections!

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Ten years of plastic injection experience! A professional injection processing factory

For the global production of high-quality plastic injection molds plastic products, we provide one-stop solutions from injection mold design to product injection processing. Can provide PP, PE, ABS, PVC, PA, POM, PMMA and other environmentally friendly materials processing according to different customer requirements; provide auto parts; daily plastic products; plastic shells for smart devices; plastic parts for lamps; 5.plastic injection for children's plastic toys

2019-12-07By admin

The mould is known as the “mother of industry” in the manufacturing industry of modern industrial society. It is an injection mould that meets design standards. It can mass produce products used in daily life and work, and further realize the mass production and standardization of plastic products. Then, while designing the structure of the […]

2019-12-07By admin

During the injection moulding process of plastic frames, some unfortunate situations will occur, such as top white, shrinkage, dents. Then how to solve this situation, you need to analyze the cause of the bad, and then solve it Bad phenomenon. I. Dent The causes of dents during injection moulding are: Insufficient mould cooling, short cooling […]