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How to choose a mould frame


The mould is known as the “mother of industry” in the manufacturing industry of modern industrial society. It is an injection mould that meets design standards. It can mass produce products used in daily life and work, and further realize the mass production and standardization of plastic products. Then, while designing the structure of the injection mould, it is especially important to find the right mould shelf. What are the criteria for a suitable mould shelf? Many people may be unclear. The following standards can be seen:

  1. The maintenance cost of the mould shelf and warehouse should be considered in advance. Considering the stability, solidity and details of the moulded shelf, it may collide with the forklift.
  2. Combining the frequency and efficiency of warehouse storage moulds. For example, some images are relatively large, so it is not suitable to choose a standard mould rack. The usual mould rack can only support 1 ton per pump. If the mould is too heavy, the life of the mould rack will not be extended and unsafe.
  3. We must find ways to improve the utilization of storage space. This has specific requirements on the design, but it is the basis of a high-quality mould frame.
  4. When designing the mould rack, we also need to choose a reasonable mould shelf type according to the actual situation of the warehouse.
  5. The moulded shelf can meet the basic requirements and has essential use-value.

After having the high standards, in what ways does the mould factory implement the measures to improve the storage of the mould and effectively extend the service life of the image?

  1. In the design of the moulded shelf, if the customer has not installed the crane, we will equip the corresponding crane hoist according to the size of the mould to facilitate the customer to move up and down the image; significantly saving workforce and material resources. As work efficiency improves, so does the safety factor.
  2. As the mould rack is mainly used in the mould warehouse, the first factor to be considered is the physical environment of the warehouse, including the area of ​​the warehouse; the physical environment of the warehouse, ventilation, lighting, ground support, and fire prevention; the mould shelves need to be arranged in a plane. CED direction, type and number of moulds.
  3. Combining the specific conditions of the moulded shelf, the moulded tray is stable, the space utilization rate is high, and every detail is done well.
  4. Different moulds require different mould shelves. We need to consider the shape of the image, the size of the mould space (length, width, height), the weight of each mould space, and whether it is conducive to orderly stacking.
  5. The way the mould is placed on the mould rack is also the scope of the warehouse mould rack selection. Whether the height of the forklift truck can be increased to the top of the frame, the passage between the mould shelves. Is the aisle’s operation of the handling tool reasonable? The mould is manually accessed, which is highly convenient for the operator to access, and the weight of each unit of the image is easy to carry and other factors to consider; access to the mould through the loading and unloading equipment needs to consider: whether the maximum height is reached. Some mould shelves have some personalized requirements, such as fully open mould shelves; whether dust protection is required, special treatment is necessary according to design requirements. These factors should be considered when selecting the right mould shelf.

Therefore, the mould structure design must not only consider the steel used but also pay great attention to the moulded shelf. The effective combination of the two can effectively extend the service life of the mould.