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About Us

ShenZhen Ulite Precision Tech was established in 1998 , covering 12000 square meters , the total fix-asset is about RMB40 million.
There are more than 230 sets of equipments , about 300 employees , including 50 staff , 40 senior technicians . Bailongqiao Technology company register in Hongkong and Shenzhen .
The products are sold worldwide, total annual sales is about RMB100 Million. Bailongqiao is an multi-functional manufacturer specializing injection, stamping, automatic lathing ,CNC machining, wireless remote controller and laptop frame.

“Quality first , customer first” is the creed of Ulite Precision Company, we will go on making high quality product and insist on “quick shipment , reasonable price , reliable quality and all-around service” .

We devote to provide the latest technology to our customers. With these faiths, we have established a good reputation and developed quickly in the past decade.

As a IT technology and service supplier , Ulite Precision Company use quick response mode to meet the market and customer in future. we are continuing to devote to manufacturing high quality products to our customer with the best effort.

We believe “Customer’s satisfaction is our great success”.

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